In Voronezh region it is planned to implement an investment project for polymer-bitumen production

December 17, 2015. Agency for Investment and Strategic Projects held a working meeting of the Agency's director Daniel Kustov and the director of Voronezh branch of FSUE «NIISK» - Eugene Blinov on the issue of investment projects implementation for the development of chemical industry in the region.

Currently, FSUE «NIISK» invites investors to participate in the implementation of large-scale innovative project «Construction of a new production of polymer-bitumen binder in Voronezh region», with the object of improving quality and longevity of pavement.


Voronezh region entered the top 10 most prosperous regions for children

The Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights Pavel Astakhov presented a rank in which Voronezh region is among 10 most prosperous regions to children.

Ombudsman Office has developed its own methodology for collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative indicators of children's distress, including which lack of official statistics.


Governor of Voronezh Region Alexei Gordeyev met with a delegation of the company «Lesaffre»

December 11, 2015 Voronezh government held a meeting of Voronezh region Governor Alexei Gordeyev with the head of «Lesaffre» Timothee Dupont and General Director of LLC «Voronezh Yeast» Vitaly Vysotsky. The meeting was also attended by the head of department of economic development of Voronezh region, Anatoly Boukreev, the head of Department of Property and Land Relations of Voronezh region Sergey Yusupov, and Voronezh region Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Logvinov.


The company «Tehpromlit» got the status of high important investment project

December 7, 2015 following the meeting of Voronezh government Expert Council on the implementation of socio-economic development strategy of Voronezh region, an investment project of the company «Tehpromlit», LLC, was approved for inclusion in the register of high importance projects.

Agency for investment and strategic projects is actively supporting «Tehpromlit», LLC in the implementation of this investment project in Voronezh region.


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