"Liskinsky" Industrial Park»



On the need for and benefits of the "Liskinsky" industrial park formation with regard to the existing enterprises in its territory.

Постановление о создании индустриального парка "Лискинский" на территории Лискинского муниципального района Воронежской области

Презентация индустриального парка "Лискинский"

The "Liskinsky" Industrial Park in Voronezhskaya street, the town of Liski, is being created in pursuance of Resolution #3 of the Voronezh administrative region Investment Support Committee of the Government of the Voronezh administrative region of October 19, 2010. The total area of the planned industrial park is 266.98 hectares, including the territory of the existing enterprises, amounts to 177.64 hectares, the area of land allocated for the construction of new enterprises equals 21.54 hectares, the total area of the fifteen lots of free land is 67.8 hectares.

Permitted land uses: industrial, i.e. land transfer to the industrial category is not required.

The park is located on the outskirts of Liski, on the border of the urban settlement of Liski with Krasnoznamenskij rural settlement at a 2.5 km distance from the "Melbugor" residential estate, and 3.5 km from the "Sugar Factory" residential estate.

The manufacturing units in the planned industrial park are eco-friendly, i.e. they meet all regulatory requirements for the establishment of industrial parks suitable for non-toxic manufacturing.

In fact, an industrial park, which has no official status yet, already operates in the afore-referenced territory, since an industrial park is by definition an industrial site with a number of independent companies sharing the engineering infrastructure of the area, including the centralized supply of natural gas, electricity and central heating, water supply and sanitation, with multiple modes of transport provided (in this case, road and rail) and transport accessibility.

The industrial area is connected to M-4 "Don" and "Voronezh-Lugansk" highways with hard-wearing asphalt surfaced motor roads. A railway line runs through the territory of the industrial zone allowing to carry loads in any direction (north, south, west, east). Manufacturing units located on the territory of the "Liskinsky" industrial park, both operating and under construction, are provided with access to utilities (electricity, natural gas, water, sewerage facilities).

The need to include the existing enterprises into the planned "Liskinsky" industrial park is accounted for by their territorial proximity to free land lots and availability of a single engineering and transport infrastructure of the territory.

New investment projects developed on the free land lots of the territory require engineering infrastructure development, specifically, construction of high pressure gas pipeline with a length of 7.19 km from the gas pipelines in the village of Vysokoye of the Liski district. The estimated cost of the project amounts to 17.0 million rubles. Construction of a water pumping station of Ø300 mm network, the estimated cost is 0.5 million rubles. Power supply facilities (construction of 10 kV indoor switchgear, RP-10/04 kV, re-equipment and reconstruction of the existing facilities and transmission lines), the estimated value amounts to 196.3 million rubles. Construction of high pressure gas pipeline has to be performed in 2011-2012, whereas construction of a water pumping station and power supply facilities can be implemented while new investment projects are being accomodated and, therefore, the finances for these purposes are not going to be used up simultaneously.

The advantages of the "Liskinsky" industrial park aare as follows:

- It starts not from scratch, but on the basis of the existing industrial area with free land lots boasting advanced engineering and transport infrastructure;

- Transfer of lands to the category of "land for industry" is not required since the free lots of land already are in this category;

- Free lots of land are in the state-owned category, yet their ownership is not clearly delineated, so the right to administer the land is granted to the Liski municipal district administration in accordance with Article 10 of Federal Law #137-FZ of October 25, 2001 "On Introduction of the Land Code of the Russian Federation";

- Size of the free land area, current practice of providing access to utilities (electricity, central heating, natural gas, water, and sewage facilities), shared transport systems eliminate the need for a single management company, as the enterprises operating on the industrial park's territory shall be provided with all the necessary services by specialized companies already working in the area (OJSC "VoronezhOblGaz", OJSC "Interregional Distribution Grid Company of the Center", a branch of "VoronezhEnergo", the municipal unitary enterprise "Vodokanal", etc.).

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