"Bobrovsky" Industrial Park»

Постановление о создании индустриального парка "Бобровский" на территории Бобровского муниципального района Воронежской области

Презентация индустриального парка "Бобровский"


The main factors to be taken into account by a potential investor in selecting a site for the investment project are as follows: availability of the infrastructure, spare energy capacity, logistics and social development of the territory and goodwill of the municipality.

Based on these factors the Bobrov municipal district administration formed a land lot of 390 hectares from the district land redistribution fund to accommodate new industrial entities.

Along the boundaries of the site run the energy supply network (gas, electricity, water), the "M4-Bobrov-Talovaya-Novohopersk" road of the third category which provides a connection to the "M4-Don" federal highway and the railway. Location in Bobrov allows for providing the potential production units with the labor force.

In Bobrov district a huge emphasis made on living conditions. There have been two sports centers with a swimming pool and an ice rink built in Bobrov district, the stadium has been renovated, 12 recreation centers have been rebuilt in the villages, and the construction of a modern recreation center with a 3D cinema hall has been finished in the town of Bobrov. There appeared a children's garden with a swimming pool. Waterworks, laid roads and power lines are under reconstruction in most villages. Not only all these renovations add to social progress and development, but they also improve the investment climate of the municipal district.

For its part, the administration of Bobrov municipal district is committed to provide all possible assistance to potential investors in the project implementation in Bobrov municipal district, including the following matters:

- state registration of land ownership and use rights;

- coordination of the design and construction documents for investment projects;

- obtaining permits for construction;

- recruitment of specialists and general workers;

- obtaining technical specifications and connecting to engineering and technical support networks.

All of the above mentioned plays a huge role in attracting investment. Thus, more than seven new manufacturing units have been put in operation in the area over the past five years. There are currently 8 investment projects under implementation. The administration has prepared over 15 commercial proposals with developed business plans for the largest ones.

The following projects were considered for implementation on the above-mentioned site:

- Construction of a vegetable storage and processing plant;

- Construction of a vegetable freezing processing plant;

- Construction of a functional food for athletes manufacturing plant;

- Construction of a cheese-making factory.

Unfortunately, due to the global financial crisis, the companies who initiated the investment projects were forced to abandon their plans.

Taking into consideration the foregoing information, Bobrov district can be considered to be investment attractive, but we believe that the plans of the municipal administration to have the area zoned and planned for the purpose of industrial development have to be approved by the district government and the senior management of the administrative region. The need to support the plans of the municipality at the level of constituent entities of the Russian Federation has been repeatedly emphasized in the course of negotiations with potential investors.

Today there is sufficient background in the Bobrov municipal district for the industrial park formation in the manner provided by Voronezh administrative region government decree #945 of November 5, 2009 "On the establishment and operation of industrial parks in the Voronezh administrative region". In this connection, the Bobrov municipal district administration suggests to consider granting the investment land lot of 390 hectares in the Bobrov municipal district an official status of "the industrial park"in order to increase the investment attractiveness of the Voronezh administrative region, and Bobrov municipal district, in particular.

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