Russia’s President Vladimir Putin granted the Governor of the Voronezh region Alexey Gordeev with the High State Award - Order of Alexander Nevsky in Kremlin

Alexey Gordeev was awarded with the Order of Alexander Nevsky for achieved working advances, longstanding conscientious work and active social attitude.

The Order of Alexander Nevsky is a singular award, which exists (with particular changes) in the award systems of Russian Empire, Soviet Union and Russian Federation. It was established by I Ekaterina in 1725 to confer a decoration upon military and civilian people.

In 1917 it was abolished with other imperial orders.

In 1942 in the USSR the new Order of Alexander Nevsky was established as a military award for military officers of the Red Army.After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the order was preserved in the system of state awards in the Russian Federation, but ceremonies of conferment were not held. According to the Russian Federation Presidential Decree, accepted 07.09.2010, the Order of Alexander Nevsky is included to the state awarding system of the Russian Federation. The Decree also confirms its statute and description.

The Order of Alexander Nevsky is an award for citizens of the Russian Federation, who hold sate posts, for special personal merits to the Fatherland in terms of state-building, longstanding conscientious work and high results, achieved in the sphere of strengthening of the international power of Russia, its defensive capacity, development of economic sphere, science, culture, education system and other merits and citizens of the Russian Federation for high personal achievements in different spheres of economy, scientific research, social and cultural, educational and other socially beneficial activities.

Resource: official portal of the Government of the Voronezh region

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