Staff members of the Agency took part in the National Unity Day celebration

Today, 4th November 2015, staff members of the Agency took part in the activities, dedicated to national holiday celebration - the National Unity Day.

The Day of Russian Military Glory or the National Unity Day is celebrated annually on the 4th November, since 2005. The holiday commemorates the crucial event in the history of Russia - release of Moscow from Polish invaders in 1612 and the Day is confined to the Kazan’s Icon of the God's Mother Day.

4th November 1612 the fighters of people's emergency volunteer corps under Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharskyi took by storm the Сhinatown, liberating Moscow from Polish invaders and demonstrating the strong example of heroism and solidarity of the whole nation regardless of origins, religion and social status.

The day is marked by outdoor festivities, concerts and performances. The main events, dedicated to the National Unity Day, in Voronezh were held on the Soviet Square.

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