Presidential Envoy in the Central Federal District held a working visit to Voronezh region

March 3 Alexander Beglov Presidential Envoy in the Central Federal District arrived in Voronezh region on a working visit together with Governor Alexei Gordeyev visited a number of enterprises in Ramon municipal district.

The first point of the visit was the livestock enterprise «Zarechnoe» LLC in Nelzha, Ramon district. Today it is one of the most significant investment projects for beef cattle development. Production sites of «Zarechnoe» are located in four municipal districts of the region. In Ramon district was created basic plant. Today it contains 12,500 head of cattle.

In Stupino guests were shown a working process of meat-packing LLC «Zarechnoe». This object was commissioned in March 2014. This year, the plant will reach its design capacity - 20 thousand tons of meat per year, or up to 50 head of cattle per hour (it is 100-120 tons per day). Today it produces more than 70 kinds of main products in the industrial and consumer packaging, as well as by-products of category 1 and 2. Last year, it started production of domestic breeds of cattle under the brand «Zarechnoe», which can be found in major retail chains and stores of the Central Federal District.

Then the governor and the plenipotentiary visited confectionery factory LLC «KDV Voronezh». KDF Group unites companies in Russia and CIS countries 12 large enterprises, specializing in snack and confectionery production. 20 production lines work in Ramon district. It also operates a distribution center with an area of 36 thousand square meters. The company employs more than thousand people.

«Today we had a look at several objects, whose work is precisely focused on the implementation of presidential orders on import substitution. We saw an excellent Agro Farm, which today delivers on our market quality food. And the most important thing is that there are high-technology, taking care of people. On the confectionery factory and a modern good production, excellent conditions for people, has its own benefits package, the average salary is 1,5 times higher than the average for Voronezh region economy. That these are the high-tech space, which says the President of the Russian Federation», - said Alexandr Beglov.

He also noted that almost all the orders of the President of Russia in Voronezh region are carried out on time. During the visit, Alexander Beglov and Alexei Gordeev also discussed a number of issues concerning the situation in the region, including replacement of the housing stock of the old, schools building and the elimination of the second shift, organization of pre-school education, health issues, raising the role and responsibility of business decision-making as in economic policy, and social, for example, the role of the Chamber of Commerce at all levels beginning from district municipal level.

Today, once again I want to confirm that a very rapidly developing Voronezh region in all sectors - both in industry and in agriculture, and in the social sphere. The government of the region fulfills all the programs that are planned and those orders which are given by the President of the Russian Federation, - said Alexander Beglov.

Governor Alexey Gordeev thanked the envoy of the Russian President for this opportunity in course of such working trips to formulate and submit proposals on federal level.

Source: official portal of the Voronezh region government

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