Industrial Park «Maslowsky» will receive state support from federal budget

Economic Development Department of Voronezh Region in February last year applied to Russian Ministry, of Industry for reimbursement of Infrastructure development outlays of the industrial park «Maslowsky» in competitive selection process under Decree of the Russian Federation from 10/30/2014, № 1119.

As a result of the Russian Federation Government meeting of 24 February 2016 list of projects was authorized on creation of industrial parks and industrial technology parks, applying for subsidies in 2016.

The document contains a list of 15 projects, among which was also the project «Industrial Park «Maslowsky», created and operating in Voronezh region. In total, projects will receive more than 4 billion rubles. Subsidies will be sent to reimbursement of expenses for industrial parks infrastructure. Funds for this purpose provided tax revenues from resident companies operating in industrial and technological parks.

At the moment industrial park passes verification procedure for compliance with federal law for state support from federal budget.

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