Message to Investors.

Dear colleagues!

We are pleased to welcome you to the "Office for Investment Promotion and Strategic Projects Support", regional state-funded institution of the Voronezh Oblast.

State institution "Office for Investment Promotion and Strategic Projects Support of the Voronezh Oblast" was established in 2007 to assist Russian and foreign companies in the development of business in the Voronezh Oblast.

We understand that, despite significant changes in the Russian economy, the development of business in Russia is associated with a number of problems, such as the lack of reliable information, the lack of 'financial transparency' in the business, the lack of managerial personnel, language and cultural barriers.

We are clear about these difficulties and problems. Therefore, we are ready to help you successfully develop your business in the Voronezh Oblast. In this regard, the Office's work is organized on the basis of a 'one-stop principle', solving problems of excessive bureaucratic administration in business investing, provision of land, construction, business registration and licensing.

As part of its activities, the Office is actively cooperating with the authorities of the Voronezh Oblast, regional and district administrations, the Chamber of Commerce of the Voronezh Oblast, Russian and foreign companies, as well as international financial institutions.

The Office work is supported by the Government of the Voronezh Oblast and the National Agency for Direct Investment. We are open to cooperation with all who are interested in doing business in the Voronezh Oblast, and we hope that your visit to the website will be the first step towards establishing our mutually beneficial cooperation.

We would be happy to answer all your questions about the Office activity and forms of cooperation in the development of business in the Voronezh Oblast. We hope the information provided on this website will help establish a mutually beneficial cooperative relationship between us.

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