Interaction with the National Agency for Direct Investment and National Association of Investment and Development Agencies

National Agency for Direct Investment was established in 2001 to assist Russian companies, sectors and regions, as well as foreign companies to attract investment and to develop their businesses in the Russian Federation.

NADI interaction with regional investment and development agencies and regional authorities demonstrates an urgent need to join efforts in the following:

- disseminating and implementing the world's most effective investment promotion and management practices in Russia;

- promoting and disseminating Russian investment experience, promoting a positive image of Russia as an investment attractive and promising country;

- facilitating the creation of a regional investment infrastructure that meets international investment standards;

- making recommendations to increase the investment attractiveness of the Russian Federation and discussing these recommendations in the government and political circles.

In 2006 the National Agency for Direct Investments took the initiative to establish the National Association of Investment and Development Agencies (NAIDA).

The founders of NAIDA are the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and the National Agency for Direct Investment. Alexander N. Shokhin, President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, is the Chairman of NAIDA Supervisory Board. Igor A. Vdovin, Chairman of the National Agency for Direct Investment, is the Chairman of the Association. The Association already includes 22 organizations involved in investment activity.

The main goals of establishing NAIDA are as follows:

- developing understanding and cooperation between the Agencies for Investment and Development in Russia and abroad;

- facilitating information exchange between agencies;

- promoting dissemination of international investment practices and technologies in the Russian Federation, as well as dissemination of the relevant Russian experience abroad;

- promoting development and implementation of an effective investment policy at the national and regional levels;

- promoting a positive image of Russia in international investment community.

To achieve these goals NAIDA performs the following functions:

- promoting the regions of the Russian Federation in the international investment business community;

- providing up to date information on investment activity;

- providing operational investment support of projects and investors;

- coordinating interregional projects with public authorities of all levels and with relevant institutions both in Russia and abroad;

- training investment promotion specialists, etc.

Association Membership Requirements:

1. Membership is open to any Russian state or non-state agency/organization whose mandate includes promoting the region/country and attracting investment.

2. Membership fee is paid annually.

3. Members may join at the interregional level, if it is not contrary to the Charter of the Association.

4. All members have equal rights and equal responsibilities.

On August 31, 2009 the state institution "Investment Promotion Office of the Voronezh Oblast" became a full member of NAIDA by a decision of the General Meeting of the members of the National Association of Investment and Development Agencies.

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