Presentation of the Voronezh region (download).


1. Favorable geographical location

1.1. Voronezh Oblast boasts a favorable geopolitical position:

National transport significance of the Voronezh Oblast is that it is located at the intersection of "North - South" and "East – West" transport corridors, and its importance will only increase with the growth of business activity in the south of Russia, including the preparation and holding winter Olympic Games. There are rich possibilities of cross-border cooperation, since the Voronezh Oblast borders with Ukraine.




1.2. Voronezh Oblast has a modern and well-developed transport infrastructure:

As recent economic research shows, development of transport infrastructure is a key factor in economic development of the Oblast. In this respect, the Voronezh Oblast has a well developed transport infrastructure.

An international airport is located not far from Voronezh.

South Eastern Railway crossing the Voronezh Oblast connects the center of the European part of the country to the North Caucasus, the Volga region, Ukraine, and the eastern part of the country.

Rail freight transportation is provided by two of the biggest railway junctions, Liski and Povorino.

A few major highways of federal importance run through Voronezh, namely Moscow - Novorossiysk, Moscow – Astrakhan and Kursk - Saratov. It should be noted that these highways have been recently refurbished and widened, thus significantly reducing the transportation problem.

"Liskinsky" river port operates in the Oblast. It is possible to provide a navigable link through Don river to the Azov, Black and Caspian Seas.

1.3. Voronezh Oblast is the second largest after Moscow Oblast in the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation in terms of the territory, population and economic potential.

Another factor that drives investment is big market potential. Businesses located in Voronezh, are operating in the territory with a population of 50 million people in the immediate vicinity of the capital, 500 km.

2. Ample manpower and scientific resources

2.1. Voronezh is the second largest city in the Central Federal District.

Implementation of modern investment projects is impossible without highly qualified personnel. Voronezh is a city with almost a million people, a third of which have higher education.

2.2. Voronezh Oblast is the center of higher education in the Central Chernozem Region.

Voronezh Oblast is one of the leading ones in Russia in terms of the number of students. State and commercial high schools are attended by over 133 thousand students. Out of 18 Oblasts in the Central Federal District, Voronezh Oblast is the second after Moscow. Every year there are more and more highly skilled professionals being trained here.

2.3. Voronezh universities cooperate with the largest companies. Siemens Eastern European center operates on the basis of VSU.

3. A wide range of preferential advantages of the regional government

3.1. The Government of the Voronezh Oblast represented by Alexey V. Gordeev ensures comprehensive support to companies implementing investment projects in the Oblast.

State (regional) support of investment activity is provided by the following means:

1. Establishing favorable tax conditions for investors in accordance with the current legislation, as well as changing the dates of payments in the form of deferral, installments, tax credit and investment tax credit;

2. Providing investors with favorable conditions not contradicting the federal legislation for the use of land and other natural resources;

3. Granting investors with rent concessions to rent premises and other regional property;

4. Restructuring of payments to the regional budget, including previously granted loans;

5. Providing information support for investment activity;

6. Participating in investment projects development;

7. Providing state (provincial) guarantees on a competitive basis for investment projects by regional facilities mortgage fund and the regional budget;

8. Providing investors with subsidies from the regional budget to pay partial interest on loans of Russian credit organizations involved for the implementation of investment projects in the framework of economic and social development of the Voronezh Oblast, the regional targeted programs;

9. Providing public budget loans in accordance with applicable law;

10. Co-financing social and physical infrastructure construction from the regional budget.

3.2. A transparent 5-step mechanism for gaining preferential advantages has been developed for investors' convenience:

3.3. Everyone knows that gaining approvals from the authorities takes time and effort.

An autonomous institution of the Voronezh Oblast "Office for Investment Promotion and Strategic Projects Support of the Voronezh Oblast" operating on a 'one-stop' principle was established in order to help the investors. Thus, the Office assists in selecting investment sites for production facilities location, provides support for investment projects from the initial stage of implementation; interacts with the public authorities and industrial organizations on the implementation of investment projects.

4. Industrial parks with developed infrastructure, the construction of which is financed from the budget of the Government of the Voronezh Oblast.

4.1. The industrial park is an area with developed infrastructure necessary for the operation of the company.

Three specialized industrial parks are located in the Voronezh Oblast, - "Maslovskiy" machinery and metal works park, "Bobrovskiy" agro-industrial park and "Khokholsko-Semilukskiy" construction industry park.

4.2. Currently Voronezh Oblast is ready for distribution of productive forces in "Maslovskiy" industrial park.

Investment projects of the world's manufacturers Armax (production and logistics center) and Siemens (production of high and medium voltage transformers) are implemented in the industrial park. The engineering infrastructure of the park has enough capacity to provide facilities located in the industrial park with heat, electricity, water and gas supply. In addition, convenient access ways ensure uninterrupted transportation between the adjacent territories.

5. Implementation of large-scale investment projects.

5.1. Due to investment highlights mentioned above, large-scale investment projects have been successfully completed or are implemented in the Voronezh Oblast, among which are:

- creation of Siemens Global Industrial Information Technologies Center in Voronezh;

- construction of the "Baltika" brewery, an investment volume of 900 million rubles;

- construction of the 6th and 7th power supply units of Novovoronezh nuclear power plant (131 billion rubles);

- implementation of Eurocement Group project (total investment volume of 3.4 billion rubles);

- construction of full-cycle oil extraction plant LLC "Bunge CIS" (16 billion rubles);

- creation of a stock breeding complex OJSC "Cherkizovo Group" (7.9 billion).

Presentation of the Voronezh region (download).

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