Economic and social development of the Voronezh Oblast

Law "On the program of economic and social development of the Voronezh Oblast for 2012-2016"

Voronezh Oblast


Administrative center
Population on 01/01/2012
2330.8 thousand people
52.2 thousand square kilometers


General information
Voronezh Oblast - subject of the Russian Federation. Part of the Central Federal District. In the north it has borders with the Lipetsk region, in the north-east with Tambov region, in the east - with Volgograd region, in the south-east with Rostov region, in the south-west - with Ukraine and in the west with the Belgorod region

Official symbols

Geographical position

Voronezh Oblast is located in the south-west of the European part of Russia

Administrative and territorial division

Number of municipalities - 31
Number of urban settlements - 29
including urban districts - 3
The structure of urban settlements include:
cities - 15

townships - 4
industrial communities - 17
Number of rural settlements - 463

52,2 thousand square kilometers
Administrative center: Voronezh
Distance from administrative center to Moscow: 587 km

The largest cities
Voronezh, Borisoglebsk, Rossosh LISKI, Novovoronezh


The region is in the zone of moderate continental climate. The average air temperature in January is -10,5 ° C, in July 21,8 ° C.

Social indicators

The population of the region on January 1, 2012 was 2330.8 thousand people. The share of the urban population is 65.9%. The share of rural population is 34.1%.
The implementation of measures aimed on improvement the health of the population and increasing of life expectancy, family support, motherhood and childhood in Voronezh Oblast in recent years provides the increasing of birth rate and decrease of mortality. In terms of life expectancy the Voronezh oblast takes 3rd place as the subjects of the Central Federal District (CFD). In 2009, the life expectancy of the population in the Voronezh oblast was 68.9 years and was increased over the last five years for 2.8 years.

The rate of infant mortality (deaths of children under one year per thousand births) in 2011 compared to the previous year decreased from 7 ‰ to 6.3 ‰ (the average in Russian Federation - from 7.5 to 7.3 ppm). Number of economically active population of the region is 1133 thousand people. The number of people employed in the economic sector is 1058 thousand people. The number of retired people is 25.8%, below working age is 13.8%.

Favorable weather and climatic conditions along with opportunities for employment, leisure and education makes the Voronezh oblast attractive for migrants moving there for the permanent place of residence. In the ranking of CFR regions concerning migration counting upon 10 thousand people the Voronezh oblast traditionally stays in the top five regions.

Law "On the program of economic and social development of the Voronezh Oblast for 2012-2016"

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