LLC "Armax group" (part of the Armax group of companies, St.Petersburg)

Project Name - "Construction of ARMAX Production and Logistics Center"

As part of the project for the production of building envelope and ventilation equipment "Armax" in the "Maslovsky" Industrial Park the Voronezh regional government prepared a proposal for budget allocation from the Investment Fund of the Russian Federation. The application was approved by the Government of the Russian Federation (attached). It is expected to receive 500 million rubles for the development of the "Maslovsky" industrial park infrastructure.

Minutes of the Meeting of the Government Commission on Investment Projects of National Importance


«Construction and operation of a power transformer manufacturing plant Siemens AG»

The aim of the investment project "Construction and operation of a power transformer manufacturing plant Siemens AG" is construction and operation of an industrial complex to manufacture power transformers for the Unified National Energy Network of Russia.

Advanced power transformer manufacturing technologies, including energy efficient ones, are going to be used in the project.

"Construction and operation of a power transformer manufacturing plant Siemens AG" is the anchor project for the "Maslovsky" industrial park established with the financial assistance of the Investment Fund of the Russian Federation.

The estimated total project cost is $1.546 billion. The project shall be carried out at Siemens AG investor's own expense. The investments shall be made through LLC "Siemens Transformers", the investor's subsidiary registered in the Voronezh administrative region on December 24, 2009.

According to the investment project plan, commissioning of production facilities is scheduled for early 2012. The plant is going to be part of the Siemens AG global production network which guarantees support to both technology and management process.


Due the use of advanced technologies the products to be produced by the company will rival the world's best analogues, and being produced locally they will have a significant price advantage over competitors.

Establishing a local transformer manufacturing center will allow to provide a comprehensive service support, which will ultimately lead to cost savings to the end-user (operating entity).

LLC "VoronezhSelMash"

Establishing a new plant for elevators and grain cleaning equipment manufacture. The goal of the project is to create a production unit of 100 silos, 23 stationary dryers and 1000 elevator, transporting and grain cleaning machinery.
The project cost amounts to 1.508 billion rubles. Implementation period - 2010-2020.

LLC CMC (Construction Management Company) "SpetsStalTehMontazh"

odernization and expansion of production and construction base LLC CMC "SpetsStalTehMontazh." The goal of the project is to establish an ironworks manufacturing facility with the total output of 9600 tons per annum. The project cost amounts to 317 million rubles. Implementation period - 2010-2015.

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